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NOx is the general term used for NO and NO2, or nitrogen oxides.  Three primary sources of NOx:  thermal NOx, fuel NOx, and prompt NOx are produced during combustion, especially at high temperatures. In applications such as boiler and kiln, high peak flame temperatures caused by rapid fuel-air mixing in excess available oxygen promote the formation of NOx emissions.

A significant form of air pollution, called photochemical smog, as well as tropospheric ozone, is formed when NOx and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) react in the presence of sunlight.

Dustex Scope for DeNOx Systems

Our team of project engineers and designers work closely with your engineering team to ensure that all specifications and requirements of the SNCR are seamlessly integrated to the system.  Dustex’s NOx control systems can be supplied as turnkey solutions including pump & control skids, injection lances & atomization nozzles, control equipment & PLC, catalyst (SNCR), NH3 storage tank, and truck unloading station.

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