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Dustex Holdings is a portfolio of three companies, Dustex (, Lundberg (, and Sparstane ( each consisting of its own design and engineering teams.

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Established in 1947 and holding over 20 APC patents in the air pollution control (APC) industry, Dustex provides turnkey and equipment supply of APC equipment and systems to reduce air emissions.  In March of 2016, Dustex acquired Lundberg and as such continues to grow offerings as a global supplier of APC solutions to include the Geoenergy® products and adding process solutions known as the Lundberg® branded products.  Our areas of expertise include control of particulate matter, heavy metals, non-condensable & acid gases, VOCs, and HAPs.

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We stand by our products because we believe they serve a greater purpose than just filling the bottom line, they create solutions for our customers.


Established in 1937, Lundberg® branded products, also known as process systems, provide turnkey and equipment supply that improve operational efficiencies and expand plant capacity. Our expert and experienced staff serve industries that need waste gas collection and treatment, process condensate handling, evaporation, as well as energy savings and chemical processing.

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For over 70 years we’ve been focused on the betterment of those we serve. Our customers always come first.


Sparstane, acquired in 2015, is an economical and environmentally friendly solution to converting Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) by-products into two high-value materials – ammonium sulfate fertilizer and recycled calcium carbonate. Sparstane technology recycles FGD by-products of coal-fired power plants, with little or no capital investment required on the part of the utility. Sparstane takes on the responsibility to build, own, and operate that facilities that address these FGD streams.

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